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ABjet offers a 24/7 customer support service: an operator will answer at any time on +39 327 8106737.

The aircraft is normally available to customers (except when there are stops of several days) so changes in the return time do not involve additional costs. In the event that the modification of the flight plan entails a problem with the crew’s service schedule or an overnight stay not previously estimated, it must first be agreed with the airline’s operational office based on their availability.

Customers do not have to worry about anything: ABjet always provides a specific meeting point, at which the captain himself will welcome them.

Both for passengers with reduced mobility and for passengers with wheelchairs, assistance is provided by the Captain as well as by the handling company of the airports used by the flight, it is important to specify it first.

Small and medium-sized pets are allowed on board. Restrictions may occur according to the size and number of animals, therefore it is necessary to contact the operating office for the necessary checks.

Yes, it is possible. The request for a passenger list requested in advance is only used to speed up the procedures at the time of boarding. It is however important that passengers who replace those on the list are also in compliance with their documents.

The operating office will directly inform the customer for the documentation necessary for the visa, where required, the issue of the required visas will remain the responsibility of the customer.

The operating office must be informed as soon as possible (at least 2 days’ notice is required) to allow planning with the airport authorities responsible for the checks necessary at the time of departure.

The number of passengers can be changed up to 1 hour before the flight, upon notification to the operating office.

The number of passengers on board does NOT affect the flight price: the rates refer to the aircraft rental service. It can also affect the amount related to additional services calculated on the number of people, such as catering.
The cost of the PASSENGER TAX will be charged separately. Art.16 of Legislative Decree 06.11.2011, n. 201, converted, with modifications, of the law 22 .12.2011, n. 214, and subsequent amendments, the following changes are made: 10-bis “The tax, payable for each passenger and for each journey, is set at an amount equal to € 100.00 in the event of a journey not exceeding 1500 km and € 200.00 for journeys of more than 1500 km. The tax is payable by the passenger and is paid by the carrier. “
It is sufficient for passengers to arrive 15 minutes before departure
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