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Thanks to the consolidated experience of our collaborators, we are able to carry out aeronautical consultancy. The negotiations followed directly by our consultants in recent years include the purchase of 8 new aircraft of various types (from the preparation of the order and optional extras to the collection at the factory and delivery in flight to the destination), the purchase of 7 used aircraft, the sale of 10 used aircraft including cancellation procedures from the Italian Air Force Registry. In addition to the management, on behalf of the various properties, of 15 aircraft of various types. Contact us now for aeronautical consultancy

    Choice of any flight time packages and / or purchase of prepaid cards according to actual needs
    Convenience point, based on the hours flown, for participation or purchase of an executive aircraft
    Analysis of needs and requirements such as: total hours flown in a year, route types, number of passengers and comfort class sought
    Study and costs on the convenience between the purchase of a used or new aircraft
    Evaluation, research and market study for the possible purchase and management of the plane to be purchased
    Support for any contractual planning for the best distribution of costs and personalized assistance 24 hours a day
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